Scabies is a skin infection that is highly contagious. This infection is mainly caused by a parasite known as Sarcoptes scabies. This parasite gets deep into the skin and causes one to have some severe itching. Scabies can be transmitted when you have a direct contact with an infected person. You can also get scabies by hanging your attires near ones from an infected person, shaking hands, sexual intercourse and sharing of beddings. Some more prone parts of the body to get the mites are on the soles of the feet, buttocks, knees, genital areas, nipples, waist, armpits wrist and the webs of the fingers.



There are early signs that will make one know that they have the scabies infection. People with this infection start to have sleepless nights caused by relentless itching, feeling intense itching, and desire to scratch a body part, gray, brown or red like lines on the skin and blisters or red bumps on the skin. When you experience these symptoms, it’s good that you visit and get a simple home remedy that you can use to clear it out. This home remedies are natural and do not contain any chemicals that may be harmful to the human body.

The great thing about scabies is that it can be cured and even with the use of some home remedies. There are so many remedies for that can be used to destroy all the mites that cause scabies. However, it is crucial to ensure that you identify the best remedy for there are some that do not work anymore and others may cause harm to your health and your skin too.

The first thing is to know that the mites that cause this infection do not stand a sudden change in temperature. The first remedy is to take a shower with hot or warm water and suddenly change to cold water that will chill your whole body completely. You should repeat this process for two times or three just to ensure that the mite has died. This is very natural and it will not have any effect on your body. The mite, on the other hand, will die because they are not able to withstand a sudden change in temperature.

The other most effective natural remedy for treating scabies is the use of tea tree oil. It is recommended that you apply the tea tree oils before you retire to bed and any other time in the night that you wake up to scratch. The tea tree oil is a much strong remedy, and the skin may at times dry up. When this happens, get a moisturizer to take care of the skin. When the scabies mites disappear use a cleansing moisturizer and the skin will get back to normal after two days.

This is just some of the home remedies that are mostly used and most effective. There are other remedies available at home, but different remedies will work differently to different people. Look for the one that fits you and stays away from drugs made with chemicals.